Roof Repairing

Tiled Roof Repairs

It’s important to replace broken, slipped or missing tiles as this can lead to roof leaks. Fixing a broken tiled roof can be simple; however, when it comes to older roofs, the underlay may be affected and could require replacement also. Replacing your entire roof can be an expensive option; but, if possible, opting to repair a slate roof is a lot less inconvenient and cost-effective.

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Flat Roof Repairs

Whether your flat roof is covered with rubber, asphalt, felt, lead or other materials, our experienced roofers are on hand to help repair. If your flat roof is leaking or you believe it to be worn or damaged, J Watt Roofing will find a suitable and safe resolution for you.

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Locating & repairing roof leaks

Roof leaks can occur because of several reasons and can be damaging and in some cases, quite dangerous. Locating and repairing a roof leak should be a matter of urgency; our skilled tradesmen are qualified to deal with your roof leak safely.

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